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To load context from excel file

As we know, after we predefined the connection setting, we be able to export it as context and talend will stored it as context file. What i'm trying to do now is the way that context(variable defined) as context file, i re-write it into excel file then i wanted to create a job to read/load the context that i've defined in that excel file. Is that possible?
I've tried it, but seems nothing be loaded.
Plz help me. Thanks in advance Smiley Happy
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Re: To load context from excel file

Yes, you can load the value of context variables from any data source with tContextLoad component, a simple job looks like:
Please have a look at the component user documentation and learn this component
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Re: To load context from excel file

Hello Shong,
let's say excel file containing context variable for database connection such as host, port, database, table, username and password. these context will load from the excel file using tContextLoad as u said previously but how to pass the context loaded from tContextLoad to connect to mysql database?
Cause i have to connect to database and retrieve the data based on the context variable stated in excel file.
So that, when i want to connect to a different database i just can simply change the host, database, table etc through this excel file.
Could u plz help me.. Smiley Happy