TlogCatcher to file

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TlogCatcher to file

TOS2.4.1 - java
I wanted to log some tWarn and/or Tdie in a file.
But if I have more than 1 Twarn, only the last one appear in the file.
Example (stupid job for demo)
TfileInput -------> tWarn_1-------->tWarn_2

In the output file I get only one line :
2008-09-26 11:43:10;U2tlUt;U2tlUt;U2tlUt;PROJECT;help;Default;4;tWarn;tWarn_2;this is a warning 2;42
But I wanted :
2008-09-26 11:43:35;7AiYg7;7AiYg7;7AiYg7; PROJECT;help;Default;4;tWarn;tWarn_1;this is a warning 1;42
2008-09-26 11:43:10;U2tlUt;U2tlUt;U2tlUt; PROJECT;help;Default;4;tWarn;tWarn_2;this is a warning 2;42
Do I not the right thing or is it a bug?

PS : If I check "append" I get all but without \n, so it isn't readable.

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Re: TlogCatcher to file

Forget my issue!
If I check "append" it isn't readable with notepad but it is OK with notepad++
To be readable with notepad, we have to put "\r\n" as row separator.