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Title column to lowercase

I extract firebird data to postgres.
The process is good with jobs design. But i must rename for each process column name in metedata schema of postgres (Uppercase to lowercase). I would like to automate the process with tmap.
With tmap, i know to do uppercase to lowercase values in field, but i would like change column name to uppercase to lowercase.
Can you help me

Re: Title column to lowercase

I'm afraid you can't automate this transformation because we are talking about metadata, not data.
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Re: Title column to lowercase

If you only need to do this once, then export the schema as XML and load it into a text editor and do a search and replace. Then reload the XML into the schema. I do an export/import when I want to create schemas quickly.
If you need to do this "on the fly" then you would need to provide some more information, such as:
- do the tables already exist, or must they be created at the time of the job?
- can you do metadata queries against firebird?
I'm sure there's a solution - doing a metadata query and a data query, merging them together with a tMap to create SQL statements and then executing those statements against the postgres database. A lot of work, but I'm sure it's possible.