Time Dimension Generator

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Time Dimension Generator

A Sample Talend job for generating Time Dimension is kept at the following location.
A datamart or data warehouse usually need a time dimension to use for date queries that look at periods, weeks, months, etc. There are multiple different ways to generate rows in Time Dimension table and here is one of those ways and by using Talend 3.1.
This Sample ETL Job creates and inserts data into the Time Dimension table .
For more details please read the document provided in the ZIP file.
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Hello Pravu
Cool!Smiley Happy, thanks for your sharing!
Best regards
Talend | Data Agility for Modern Business
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Does anybody know, how to set dinamically the parameters, start date and end date, in the tTimerGeneration component? For example:
1. I retrieve the start and end dates from a config table in my database.
2. I need to execute tTimerGeneration with the start and end dates retrieved int the step one.
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Hi Pavu,
Thanks for sharing. I'm a novice to Talend. I'm interested in your example. I downloaded your zip file and tried. I got error "If this component has output, there must be an input link to propagate the data". I looked for your document and readme files in the zip but didn't find them. I only saw the pictures of your example (same as the example job when I loaded) in the images/job_outlines folder in the zip. Is it possible if you can send them to me so I can try to debug what I'm missing?
Thank you very much in advance,
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Don't worry about the error, just hit continue .. it'll still populate the table.
Thanks for the graph, its great!
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Hi folks,
is there a Generator available for Talend 5.4? I Don't understand why this is not a standard componante at all since this is a important feature for setting up DWHs and very time consuming doing it on your own?!
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Just use this one. But I'd redo the join between tJava and tJavaRow to get rid of the error.
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

Just use this one. But I'd redo the join between tJava and tJavaRow to get rid of the error.

For some reason I couldn't open this one so I build my own one after this guide: http://www.robvonk.com/talend/time-dimension/
Feel free to use it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fckpoftqmng3srx/DateTimeDimensionGenerator.zip
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

I just imported it into 5.4.1 ok.
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Re: Time Dimension Generator

We usually create those data in a spreadsheet file because there are mostly user specific extentions like different company holidays and so on. This table can easily imported via a simple talend job.
Mostly we do that once or twice per livetime of the data ware house.


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