The way from OLTP to OLAP

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The way from OLTP to OLAP



I made my first steps with talend this week and like it very well! The last years I did all my reporting stuff by using OLTP databases. I just updated an "analyzing-database" every night and then I got my business answers with sql code. Now I wanna level up by using OLAP with its star schema. I know how it's work, but I really don't know WHEN I have to made the changes from classical relational structure to multidimensional structure. I've loaded different kind of sources and mixed it on a tMap Element. Technically everything works fine, but stupidly mixing/joining tables seems not to be the solution :-)


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Re: The way from OLTP to OLAP


Do you want to transfer data from your OLTP db to OLAP db? Talend supports ETL from input source to output source. 

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