The tSalesforceGetUpdated component fetches the incorrect number of records from Salesforce

Problem Description

A Job with tSalesforceGetUpdated retrieves the incorrect number of records for the duration configured with Start Time and End Time in the component. The SOQL with a condition using LastmodifiedDate with same dates in the condition retrieves the correct number of records.


Root Cause

This issue occurs only when the number of columns for the Salesforce module is large. Its a bug in Talend 6.4.1



The issue is fixed in Talend 6.4.2, 6.5.1, and 7.0.1.



On Talend 6.4.1, instead of using tSalesforceGetUpdated, use the tSalesforceInput component with the condition configured similar to the following example. This will read the correct number of records.

"LastModifiedDate>=2017-12-01T17:48:04Z AND LastModifiedDate<=2017-12-06T17:48:09Z"
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