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Thashoutput name



Is there any way to create thashoutput with name as parameter?



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Re: Thashoutput name

Short answer: no.

Why do you want to do so?
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Re: Thashoutput name



I want to split huge data to separate lookups because of memory problems and I want to do it with loop and only with one link.


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Re: Thashoutput name

I am extrapolating a little from your original question and your subsequent post, but I think this tutorial *may* point you in the right direction. It was actually written for a completely different purpose, but the way in which I have solved the problem of writing multiple XML files from one dataset, may aid you in an approach for this....


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Re: Thashoutput name


Could you please take a look at talend big data product which provides Spark batch and Streaming feature?

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