TfileExist - forEach - tFileCopy work with

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TfileExist - forEach - tFileCopy work with

I have to ,foreach values in the tForeach componenent, copy a file namming with that value if exist
I try to use those 3 components (seems to be the right ones !? to do this job) but without success.
Starting job archivage_reception at 16:23 14/11/2008.
Exception in component tFileCopy_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: The source File "RCPO" does not exist or is not a file.
at getattachment.archivage_reception_0_1.archivage_reception.tFileCopy_1Process(
at getattachment.archivage_reception_0_1.archivage_reception.tForeach_1Process(

Missing a condition expression I guess but where and how ...
I've tried witn "run if" between fileExist ans filecopy
tfileExist =>run if =>tfileCopy

Sure it's no so difficult -lol)

filename int tFileExist :

filename from tfilecopy

thanks for your help
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Re: TfileExist - forEach - tFileCopy work with

Hi Kzone,
Yes, you're right, the tfileExist component work with the link "run if". the condition to insert by clicking on the run if link is ((Boolean)globalMap.get("tFileExist_1_EXISTS")). tFileExist_1 is the name of your component. I hope this helps Smiley Happy
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Re: TfileExist - forEach - tFileCopy work with

thanks a lot youssef
It work fine now !
with just a little chnage in the filename TfileCopy component