Test Connection with a list Server

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Test Connection with a list Server

Hello Talend's friends.
I need to know how to read from a CSV file a list of servers (IP + Ports) and apply a connection test on one of them.
I have used the following stream: CSV -> tJavaRow (variables) -> tPostgreSqlConnection. However, when a connection connection fails, it aborts the process without reaching the end of the CSV list. Can anyone help with this question, please?

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Re: Test Connection with a list Server



Can you try with tFlowToIterate component?


Re: Test Connection with a list Server


Could you please take a look at tcontextload or implicit tContextLoad to see if it can meet your needs?

Here is the related scenario:TalendHelpCenter: Scenario: Reading data from different MySQL databases using dynamically loaded con...

Let us know if it is OK with you.

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