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Teradata to Teradata loading

I have a scenario where i need to load the data from one teradata Table to another table. But i need to perform some transformations like converting the date etc. And I also need to look up on 2 other tables to get certain values. The source table has around 400 million rows and the lookup tables have few hundered thousand rows. Which would be the efficient target component ? (tTeradataOutput takes a very long time do the loading as it generates separate insert statements for each row)
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Re: Teradata to Teradata loading

When working on the same database, from table to table, you'd better use the ELT component to make the most of the internal DB engine.
Some documentation to help you use those components:
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Re: Teradata to Teradata loading

Hello Elisa,
Thanks for the reply. But these 2 tables are in 2 different schemas and the tETLTeradataMap component lets you specify only one database. How do I resolve this?