Temporary tables with tMSSQLRow

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Temporary tables with tMSSQLRow


What's the best way to create, update and delete temporary MSSql tables in Talend? 

I'm trying to use the tMSSqlRow component, but my result set is always blank. My queries do not throw any errors when running and takes approximately the same time to complete as it does directly in the database.  The tCreateTable component does not have the temporary table option for the MSSql database type.

I am using Talend v6.2



Re: Temporary tables with tMSSQLRow


The tCreateTable has the function of creating a temp table in MS Sql Server .Becuase If table name starts with or # the table is assumed as a temp table.(MSSQL: CREATE TABLE ##AAA)

If you want to use a temp table, there must be t<DB>Connection component used in your workflow. The temp table would be destroied after connection closed.
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