TalendLogs database connection problem

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TalendLogs database connection problem


I have sometimes a connection problem with the talend logs database. The server is down during +-30seconds than is available again.

tMysqlOutput_2 Communications link failure
talendLogs_DB - Could not retrieve transation read-only status server
talendLogs_DB No operations allowed after statement closed

The job stays in background as a ghost, it nevers dies. It is blocked on a tWarn log step.

Do you have an idea of how to force to kill the job when the log databae is unavailable?




Re: TalendLogs database connection problem


If you don't mind, could you please open the error log generated automatically by the Studio to see whether you have error stack trace there; if you do, we will appreciate it a lot if you can paste it here. About how to open this error log: in your Studio, click Window to open the menu, then select Show View->General->Error Log. Once you see an error, double click it.

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Re: TalendLogs database connection problem

Hi, this error occured on production environment.Not on the studio.

So, I have no more logs than in previous message.

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