Talend5.6.2 xml_validatecannot be resolved.

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Talend5.6.2 xml_validatecannot be resolved.


I am trying to trying to fetch data from a postgres table to logfile. In between these two components, I used a tMAP since inside tMPA, i want to use the function xml_validate.CleanInvalidXmlChars for my business purpose. When I try to execute the job, i get xml_invalidate cannot be resolved. But, the same job is running successfully in Talend 6.4.1 version. However, due to some reasons, I need to continue with V5.6.2.


Regarding Java versions, I tried installing and uninstalling Java 6,7 and 8. But, no luck in V5.6.2. Finally, I found a area where I suspect now. In V6.4.1, under Talend Studio=>Preferences, you have a tab called "validation", where you can set options for xml validator, xml schema validator and DTD validator. However, in V5.6.2,under Talend Studio=>Preferences, I don't find anything called "validation". I guess this might be the one that is causing issue. If this is the real cause, could someone help me in getting these options for V5.6.2. If this is not the cause, please help me in finding the root cause.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Talend5.6.2 xml_validatecannot be resolved.


Did you create a new job in talend 5.6.2 or export your existed job from V 6.4.1 and import it into V 5.6.2?

Would you mind posting your job setting screenshots on forum? In this way, we can make a testing on it.

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