Talend upload file from local network to Azure blob

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Talend upload file from local network to Azure blob

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Can someone please help with 413 error received using thttprequest uploading file from local network drive to Azure location?

This upload was working fine until the file got bigger.  If I use file less than that, it works fine.  I believe 413 error is "The request body is too large and exceeds the maximum permissible limit".  Appreciate your help.

Please note:  I cannot use any tazurestorage components.  I tried already trest = only uploaded headers, trestclient did not work as expected. tfilefetch only works in reverse, uploading file back from Azure location to network drive and not the other way round because of Protocol. 



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Re: Talend upload file from local network to Azure blob


We have replied to your another topic:https://community.talend.com/t5/Design-and-Development/httprequest-413-error-code/m-p/146600#M90019.

Could you please take a look at it?

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