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Talend to Amazon S3

Is there any way to transfer data to Amazon S3 instance from Talend? I couldn't find any components there...

Re: Talend to Amazon S3

So far, there is no Amazon S3 component. There are Amazon RedShift, tAmazonMySqlXX, tAmazonOracle, and Amazon EMR in latest version Talend open studio for BigData 5.3.0 .
See the related jira issue:, and
You can open a JIRA issue in the Talend DI project of the JIRA bugtracker for your requirement
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Re: Talend to Amazon S3

well I understand that you are looking for the exact components.
On the other hand you can use the amazon SOAP API as standard web services;
I don't know what is the current support of xml signatures and other WS standards in Talend componets, so this might be problem in the end. If the current components doesn't support it, you can generate from Amazon WSDL the java client get necessary data via standard Talend components and pass these variables to routine with the client.
Describe your requirement, amazon storage, database, etc.?