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Talend tMSSQLInput

I created a Talend MS Sql job using tMSQLInput_1 and inserted my own query. Below is an example of my query.

if  object_id('tempdb..#lang_guid')is not null 
    drop table #lang_guid;
  create table #lang_guid(
                patient_guid varchar(255)
               ,accountid varchar(255)
   insert into #lang_guid

        select  c.customerid
          from  customer c with(nolock)

  select patient_guid

    from #lang_guid

The issue I'm having is the query pulls the patient_guid from the table but not the accounted I creating that on the fly in the temp table. when I run the job in Talend it returns the patient_guid but I don't get any data back for the account. Have anyone seen this issue with Talend before and if so how do I fix it.

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Re: Talend tMSSQLInput

@masonjames,in tMSSQLInput_1,you can use only the select query to extract data from MS SQL DB.

Manohar B
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Re: Talend tMSSQLInput

@masonjames,did it help you?

Manohar B