Talend's FileInputXML and Xpath 2.0

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Talend's FileInputXML and Xpath 2.0

Hey folks,
I'm trying to parse a xml input file via the FileInputXML component. However, my Xpath 2.0 expression (tested in XMLSpy) will not work in Talend:
- The xpath is as follows in XML Spy:
(if(exists(//data/invoice)) then (//data/invoice) else (//data/invoice))
- The xpath is as follows in Talend (escaped cause its a String in Talend):
"(if(exists(//data/invoice)) then (//data/invoice) else (//data/invoice))"
The exception I get indicates (imho) a mismatch between the component and xpath 2.0. So my question is a) does de component actually support xpath 2.0 and b1) if not, is there a viable alternative or b2) it does, what am I doing wrong?
I've added 2 example input xml files and the expected result in pseudo xml to indicate what I'm trying to achieve:
- In the non YK file there are multiple invoice elements, none of them with an object-id that starts with YK. So I expect Talend to loop over each invoice element.
- In the YK file there are also multiple invoice elements, but one of them has an object-id that starts with YK. So I expect Talend to only that specific invoice element.
The Talend exception: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Could not find function: if
at com.sun.org.apache.xpath.internal.compiler.XPathParser.error
I hope I explained it enough and thanks in advance for the help.
Regards Roel
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Re: Talend's FileInputXML and Xpath 2.0

Talend doesn't support a xpath as you set, for now, you can set the xpath as below, extract all the records and filter the records on tMap
Best regards

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Re: Talend's FileInputXML and Xpath 2.0

Maybe you can request for this feature in the bug tracker, it would need to use the library saxon (for instance) for parsing.


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