Talend job not submitting to the defined YARN queue

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Talend job not submitting to the defined YARN queue

Hi Experts,


We wanted to prioritize some of the talend jobs. hence we setup a dedicated YARN queue 'root.talend.high' and assigned resources to it.

We have also set the paramter as queueName: 'root.talend.high' in talend job.

However, when submitting the jobs it is always landing on 'root.default' queue as show in below logs.


Am I missing something here ? need your inputs in fixing this. Thanks in advance 


[INFO ]: org.apache.spark.deploy.yarn.Client - Application report for application_1558146131347_298872 (state: ACCEPTED)
[INFO ]: org.apache.spark.deploy.yarn.Client -
client token: Token { kind: YARN_CLIENT_TOKEN, service: }
diagnostics: N/A
ApplicationMaster host: N/A
ApplicationMaster RPC port: -1
queue: root.default
start time: 1561621900134
final status: UNDEFINED


Re: Talend job not submitting to the defined YARN queue


There are no Error and WARN from your log. Are your job able to stop automatically? Could you please upload your job setting screenshot into community which will be helpful for us to address your issue.

Please mask your sensitive data.

Best regards


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Re: Talend job not submitting to the defined YARN queue

Hi xdshi,


Thanks for your response.


There is no such error or warning here,job is completed successfully.


Only thing is,it is landing in "root.default" YARN queue although I have set the "queueName" to "root.talend.high".


Let me modify my question here as I have got some of my answers:


Is it possible to change the queueName for a deployed job from TAC console .

(I already verified that it is going in right queue if I update it from Talend Studio)


Thanks in advance!


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