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Talend generated project and job documentation questions and issues

We are using Talend Platform for Data Management v5.3.1.r104014 on Windows 7 OS and I am using the feature to generate documentation for all the objects in our project. The issues I have are as follow:

I am looking for a way to configure the Talend Studio so that I can specify the location in which the generated documentation will be saved so that I can avoid the documentation being saved in the "workspace" since this causes the final URL's for the html pages to be so long that Windows cannot use them. For example, "". In the same way, when using the "Export all projects documentation" option from the right mouse click menu option within Studio and then saving the generated documentation into a Zip file, the Zip file becomes unusable in most standard compressed file handling software because they object to the length of the path/file name. Finally, when extracting the generated documentation using the only software able to deal with the compressed file, 7 Zip, and using the folder structure created, the subsequent documentation is not fully useable since a number of the pages end up with file and path names so long that again Windows will not display them.
When using the right mouse click menu option "Generate the whole project documentation" in Studio, an error is raised, which I suspect is caused by the length of the path and file names the Studio is trying to generate and save to the local disk.

Our project structure consists of a folder structure with the folders named the same as the jobs, which are contained in those folders. The hierarchy of the structure reflects the way the jobs themselves are structured such that at a top level folder, the job in that folder contains sub-jobs, which that job runs by means of a tRunJob component. The sub jobs are therefore in folders of their own, which are child folders of main job folder. At the top level of this structure, we renamed the "root" folder from "AutomationAreaDevelopment" to "AutomationAreaTesting". Unfortunately, the documentation generation process does not seem to have carried this change through to all the jobs in the project in that we now get half of our project documentation in a folder called "AutomationAreaTesting" and the other half in a folder called "AutomationAreaDevelopment". The Job Designs folder structure is shown below in the first screen shot and the generated documentation folder structure is shown in the second screen shot below.

When the documentation is generated, apart from being able to specify a css file and a logo to use, there is no way, it seems, to be able to control how the content of the documents are formatted with the result that all formatting from the text entered into the "Documentation" tab of a component in the comment text box, is lost when the comment text is reproduced in the generated documentation with line breaks, tab marks, carriage returns etc. removed. Is there a way to control this behaviour and force the retention of the formatting?

Re: Talend generated project and job documentation questions and issues

Would you mind reporting a ticket on Talend Support Portal so that our colleagues from support team can give you a remote assistance on your issue.
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Re: Talend generated project and job documentation questions and issues

Thanks Sabrina,
I will do that if you think that is my best hope for getting help with this. I had not wanted to take up the support team's time if someone on the forum had been able to make any suggestions.