Talend defining the value range condition

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Talend defining the value range condition



I have a requirement as below.


I will receive source from one system which is a delimited file (csv) and I have a look up with some filter values to apply on the received source file.


in my lookup if the first rule/condition/match found then put those rows in the output new delimited format with required field values from the  file. Next again on the remaining /left over data rows from the source I need to apply the second filter field from the lookup those matched put them in the output delimited file and those not matched to store again in the input/temporary file to apply the more filters one by one till none of the rules/conditions are matched then those records to be sent as rejected rows and all the other rows that matched as per the lookup field columns/some business logic with source column value to filter value column they all should go into the accepted output file. How to do this?

is there a way to store the non processed rows from the source temporarily to match with all filter rules say suppose 8 filters to be applied on all the non matched rows one by one..


Another thing is how to set the range suppose if I divide one source field value with the lookup field value the range should be 0.1 to 5.0 and not between 5.1 to 10.0 how do I set this in the expression condition filter to verify the source rows match this filter?


Thanks for your valuable time to help me on this.



Re: Talend defining the value range condition


Could you please elaborate your case with an example with input and expected output values?

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