Talend data integration with Amazon web services

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Talend data integration with Amazon web services

We are currently in the process of migration our Oracle servers from Skyscape to AWS.
IN our talend jobs we are opening a TCP connection to Oracle using tOracleConnection and that remains open during the execution of the job and then we finally close the connection after exiting talend.
Now when we are trying to run the jobs in new AWS environment, they are failing after 10 minutes because AWS load balancer is killing the idle connection after 10 mins.
We have jobs running for 4-5 hours so we can not change the setting to keep connections open for 4-5 hours.
Any suggestions to run the job in talend would be appreciated.
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Re: Talend data integration with Amazon web services

Hi Ruchit,
first of all - AWS environment is very flexible term :-), what exactly?
Then - how Your Job designed? Could You attach screenshots?
And last if no other choices - unload data to the csv locally -> transfer to S3 bitbucket -> and sure "AWS environment" have command load data from S3 (most of them have it). 

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