Talend components automated integration testing environment

Hello all,
Around a year ago I was asking here a question about how do the component developers automate the integration testing of Talend components. Last time there was no answer, however just recently I noticed there is on appeared on the Talendforge website under nickname "colibri" http://www.talendforge.org/colibri/
Now I have following questions:
- What is it, is there any documentation available on how to use it and how this works?
- Is it open source tool?
- Can I download it and start using on my project?
The background of the questions is that my company is working on couple of Talend components (open source) and we just can't do it without test automation. Right now we are working on concept and prototype of the automated testing environment for Talend components that would be based on TIS and should be integrated with Continious Integration environment. Ther are allot of open questions on this concept, for example packaging and deployment automation, build automation etc. so I was thinking we could join efforts.
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Re: Talend components automated integration testing environment

Any progress in the automated testing? I wonder how you are mocking custom DB connectors like Netezza. My idea is to customize the Netezza component to take dynamic driver name and then use a mock Oracle/MySQL DB with its driver name (using properties) for mocking the tests. -SB