Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

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Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

Hi all,

I want to execute a simple job that gets all the data from the salesforce account object, and inserts it into an Azure SQL server database. Now the problem is that the job keeps failing because the Ip that is used by Talend to connect to Azure, keeps changing. We whitelist an ip and, then the job runs succesful, then i try it with an other job and the Ip is changed.


Any idea how to managed the static  ip's that are used by theTalend integration cloud engine?

I am using the Talend Integarion cloud 30 day Trial.


Thank you in advance.


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Re: Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

I did some research on my own and concluded that it is not possible to set a static ip adress for a cloud engine when you use the trial version of Talend Integration cloud.


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Re: Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

I know this is a pain, but you could potentially use an intermediary machine as a proxy and route all of your cloud calls through that. You would then be able to control the IP address of the proxy and all calls to Azure would appear to be through that.

This would slow things down a little, but it would prevent you having the issues you have now.

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Re: Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

It is not really an option in my situation.

But it could definantly work. Thank you for sharing this. I will keep this in mind if I ever have this issue again.

Now my organisation will soon get there licence and then this issue will be resolved.


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Re: Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

That is actually a very bad solution you are offering. Security wise, you just reposition the problem to your proxy server. If the customer does not want to open their infrastructure to worldwide traffic, setting up a proxy in front would seem to solve that, but the proxy front- end still needs to be able to accept connections from everywhere, since talend refuses to give their outbound IP ranges. Or restrict them. The real solution would be that talend outbound data would be proxied to a defined set of gateway IP's towards the internet, so that customers could effectively allow a known set of IP's on their firewalling (or proxy servers) With your proposal you are degrading your security levels to practically zero, since there is no effective way of filtering traffic incoming to the proxy. Which leads us back to the original issue. The proxy will just act as an open gateway to your internal infrastructure. I would suggest you re-evaluate your answer before someone actually opens up a gateway/ security loop to their infra.
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Re: Talend cloud engine outbound Ip keeps changing

@jurgenandries it is generally a good idea to read the whole thread before wasting your time posting something that is totally irrelevant. The question was regarding accessing an Azure SQL server database with the Cloud Trial. See @Jvid's second post. Jvid stated that they understand it is only a problem with the Cloud Trial. This link may be useful (https://help.talend.com/reader/4ghjK9KsJCzsAAqMsfGL3g/opOxBU4_TLQ8SJp4l97Igg).


My workaround was to mitigate for the issue of not being able to have a static IP during the trial. I was in no way suggesting it as a permanent fix. Talend provides this functionality (as seen in the link above) so this would never be needed as a permanent fix. It was patently clear that it was a workaround for the trial.


I suggest that you read the thread and comprehend the context before posting something that looks like you are simply trying to find fault :-)

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