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Talend and the Quickbase API

Has anybody used Talend to read/write to a Quickbase db through its API?
If so, could you provide an example of how this works? That would be great. For a start, which component should I use?
FYI, here's the Quickbase API documentation:
Many thanks for any help on this!
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Re: Talend and the Quickbase API

You can't write to a Quickbase db directly, you have to use the API.
The best I've done so far is to use a tHttpRequest component as follows:
URI: ""
Method: GET
This will authenticate successfully, but I would much rather be able to send an XML packet to Quickbase, using the POST option. However, whatever I do with the XML and the headers, as defined in the Quickbase API documentation, I always get a response of "400 Bad Request".