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Talend Studio for adding all Custom Routines in .zip file during build



I want to enable a setting in Talend Studio Preferences in order to copy all the jars available in my Studio to my jobs .zip file during build.


Can anyone help me with the setting which would copy all the routines into routines.jar file.


This is required because i can keep only one routines.jar file for all of my jobs. Overriding routines.jar could result in missing custom code routines.


Lets say JOB-A doesn't need custom routine-a, so it would work fine.

But, JOB-B needs custom routine-a which would fail if it is not available in routines.jar


I know there is a setting under Preferences, but i am not able to find it. (I am using Talend 6.2 version)


Talend Studio Preferences.jpg