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Talend Studio and HL7 limitations

in one of our project we are probably going to read and create messages using tHL7input and output component so we are wondering which limitations are we facing with an open source version?
Another thing is the missing dependent library commons-cli-1.0. Despite trying to download and install it manually I have still a problem  establishing a working job (InvocationTargetException -> no code generated).

Re: Talend Studio and HL7 limitations

For this missing jar issue, could you please take a look at documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Identify required external modules and TalendHelpCenter:Install external modules?
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Re: Talend Studio and HL7 limitations

first I had some problems with the library from but fortunately I have found the same one in a previous talend version. Is there any reason why it was removed from the current version and why it should be imported manually?
Do you maybe know how an imported library can be removed? Is it enough just to remove it from the java\lib path or is there any other dependency file that should be modified?
Screenshot of import: