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Talend SAP RFC Server

In Installing and configuring Talend SAP RFC Server documentation for version 5.6.2 I don't see to possibility to establish SNC (Secure Network Connection). It seems only user/password logon is allowed.
Could you please tell me if SNC is available with 5.6.2 ? If yes how to configure it ? If not by when it will be implemented ?
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Re: Talend SAP RFC Server

As per this i see it as supported with 5.6.2 version

Connection to SAP using SNC is now supported.

Re: Talend SAP RFC Server

Please see a related jira issue:
If you need to set up an SAP connection with Secure Network Communications (SNC), you have to add the SNC parameters and set their values in this table. For more information about setting the SNC parameters, see and

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