Talend Route - cFile Component

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Talend Route - cFile Component

I have a route that uses cFile component. I am struggling to specify wild card to look for files that begin with something. For example I have files in a particular folder and they are named as ABC201508011353.csv, ABC201508021401.csv,... so basically one file per day. I specified the fileName attribute as  context.fileName + "${date:now:YYYYMMDD}*.csv" so that every time a file gets created that begins with ABC and ends with YYYYMMDD*.csv where * would cater for anything that appears after YYYYMMDD, but that doesn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Re: Talend Route - cFile Component

There is built-in function in Talend:TalendDate.getDate() returns the current date.
The fileName should be:

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