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Talend Repository Manager - Unable to move generated Task from DV TAC to QA TAC


We are using TDM platform license and have access to the Talend Repository Manager. We are planning to use this tool for code movement from DV to QA and from QA to PD. During the testing, i tried to create a generated job rule in the Repository manager to move a already generated job in DV to QA. I have the Source and Target repository setup fine and the connection is OK. I have operation manager role in both DV and QA TAC. I selected label%jobname as the filter, saved it and ran the rule. The execution details say that it is completed, but i cannot see anything in the QA TAC. Can someone share an example to perform this task? I have read the complete user guide and still cant seem to figure out what is that i am doing wrong here. 


  • Data Integration
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