Talend REST with request Scope.

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Talend REST with request Scope.

I am using Talend open studio for ESB(6.4.1) to develop REST API's.  I am exposing REST endpoints to fetch data from tables. 



  1.  In Talend, is there a way to store data on the basis of users ? Something like Request scope.
  2.  Can i have a variable which stores values on the basis of each request ? (unlike 'context' which is throughout application scope )
  3. How can i achieve this:
    If user A access the endpoint i connect to database A, if user B access the endpoint i connect to database B?


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Re: Talend REST with request Scope.

If you know that User A is making request, via headers or similar, sure, read that value and save it. Then, You can have a logic which will connect to a different DB. We use this all the time.