Talend Postgresql output of data

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Talend Postgresql output of data

Hi all,
Hoping someone can help me here.
I'm trying to output a table from my PostgreSQL DB using Talend however it doesn't seem to be outputting exactly what's in the DB..............it keeps appending random decimal places.
When I output directly from PostgreSQL it produces the table fine i.e. what I see when I query the data.
HOWEVER when I try to output the table via Talend by using
1. input and output components - (converting everything to strings) OR
2. direct select query OR
3. outputting to tLog OR
4. submitting a command to run to output the table
5. Even calling the above command via a function - where arguments are supplied
it always appends a load of decimal places.
One field I am using to check this output contains a value of type real and it's value is 2.
When I output this directly from PostgreSQL (any method at all) I get a value of 2 i.e. what is stored.
When I output the table using any of the above 5 commands via Talend I get a values of 2.0000002
Can anyone explain why this is and what can be done to eliminate the additional decimals..............rounding is not an option unfortunately.

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Re: Talend Postgresql output of data

Hi Dave
What's the data type of column in table? please upload a screenshot of schema of tPostgresqlInput.
Best regards
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