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Talend Oracle CDC

I am trying to setup a CDC in Talend on an Oracle database. I am following the steps as listed here
However, when i try to establish the CDC in the main DB conneciton, i get a message saying 

"Database information must be filled to use the cdc!"

 and the 

Create Subscriber

 button is disabled.

What could I be doing differently? I have created two connections pointing to the same database, and have also retrieved the table schema in my main connection.

I am using Talend enterprise 5.4.2
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Re: Talend Oracle CDC

Do you use the same user to connect to the same database? In this tutorial, it creates three DB connections with different credentials.
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Re: Talend Oracle CDC

Yes, i am using the same user. I have a CDC setup running in Talend for a MySQL database, in that too, i am using the same user in both the data and the CDC connection. As long as the user has the privileges for creating the tables, views and trigger, it should work, right ?
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Re: Talend Oracle CDC

Ok, i am able to setup CDC now, I was earlier using a connection of type Oracle Custom. Now when i change the connection type to Oracle SID, i am able to proceed forward. Not sure if this is documented anywhere, that CDC doesnt work with Oracle Custom type connections or if it is a bug.
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Re: Talend Oracle CDC

Sometimes, i see that when i create a CDC in oracle through Talend, the CDC objects' DDL that is generated (for the trigger, view and table) does not contain the table name (prefixed with TCDC). Instead i see the objects are created with names like TCDC_T00001, TCDC_VIEW_T00001 etc. Why is this ?
If i am creating a CDC on a table named "Employee", then the respective CDC objects in the DB must be named "TCDC_VIEW_Employee", "TCDC_Employee" etc. Please suggest!