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Talend Open Studio

Required some inputs/information regarding an Archival project that is in progress.


Just to give you a brief about the requirement of the project, As part of the archival process where we will be archiving the data in AWS, we will be extracting data from the Source Database, convert the extracted data into JSON format before archiving it to the DocumentDB in AWS.


We have identified Talend Open Studio(TOS) tool that can perform the aforementioned extraction and transformation activity, but require some contact who has expertise in working with this tool. We are interested to understand the below aspects:


  1. Is the tool suitable to be used in a GxP environment – Is it already validated by the product vendor for use in a validated system?
  2. Are there any known issues in handling large volumes of data?
  3. Any pointers that can help validate if the open source version would suffice, or is it preferable to go with the licensed version?



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Re: Talend Open Studio



here is my point of view:

1) definitively yes : TOS is a great tool used in many situations in many companies

2) more or less : Talend relies on Java libraries and a JVM. You may have trouble managing very large amount of data without fine tuning the process or rewriting some part of it. Hopefully, you can usually do both.

3) I don't see any reason to be limited by the Open Source version for such a project. Of course, you won't have the Talend Support.



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Re: Talend Open Studio

Following on from what @lennelei said, if you are concerned about GxP compliance you should probably look at the licensed version. This comes with support, CI/CD functionality, monitoring, collaborative working, and many other enhancements over the OS edition. You can see some the benefits here: https://www.talend.com/products/data-integration/data-integration-entry-level/
...and here: https://www.talend.com/products/why-upgrade/




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