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Talend Open Studio for ESB 5.2 Route to Job Optimisation/Performance

Using Talend ESB 5.2.0, I want to create a mediation route that will call a processing job on the payload of an inbound request to a CXF messaging endpoint, however my current implementation is suffering some performance issues with large payloads.
I?ve investigated the issue and found that the bottleneck is in marshalling my inbound XML payload from the tRouteInput component to the internal row structure for processing, using a tXMLMap.
Is it possible, using a built-in type converter in the route, to marshal the internal row structure from the route and stream through POJOs or transport objects that are cheaper to process in the job? Or is there a better way to marshal XML to Talend?s internal row structure from a route using a less expensive transform?
Any thoughts would be welcome. Cheers, mids