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Talend Open Studio - Free v License

I have been working with a client for the last year using Talend to design some data extraction and load processes. The license is up for renewal. There is a new individual on the client side and this person is questioning why we don't just use the free version. I can point them to the following

to highlight some of the differences.
But I am more interested in understanding the difference at a component level. For example I have used tparallelize which I know is not available in the free version. I can design a solution without this component but is there other components that you know that is only available in the enterprise version. I basically what to make a sales pitch for paying the license. Is there anything with regards to XML, Webservice?

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Re: Talend Open Studio - Free v License

The enterprise components are put into a specialized directory under <Talend Studio install dir>/plugins/ depends on your subscription license, such as org.talend.designer.components.tisprovider_5.4.1.r111943 directory, see my screenshots, the list of components are only available in Talend Enterprise subscription products. In addition, you can find all the free components in org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_5.4.1.r111943 directory.
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Re: Talend Open Studio - Free v License

Thanks Shong.

One other question, came across this comment on a blog.

'New in 2013, it is no longer possible to licence individual modules such as MDM or data quality but a licence agreement must be taken out for the whole platform.'

Do you know if this is the case? So if we renew the licensee we will have access to all the modules of Talend? like ESB, MDM, etc

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Re: Talend Open Studio - Free v License

This is not the case. I have customers which has new license for Data Quality and other which have only a MDM license.