Talend Newbie - Excel report

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Talend Newbie - Excel report



I'm trying to take data from 2 different excel sources(Different formats) and want to create a sheet that adds specific information to another formatted sheet that I need to create. I was researching some of the custom components but couldn't figure out which one to use.






Re: Talend Newbie - Excel report


Could you please elaborate your case with an example with input and expected output values?

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Re: Talend Newbie - Excel report

Hi @Talend65NCP,

Welcome to Talend Community and Happy New Year!!!

Well just as @xdshi, you can give a in-detail description about your scenario which would help others who are referring to the topic and it would yield them a better understanding.

Also, till where i understood you would like to take data from 2 different source and of different formats and then create a formatted sheet with the information what you have gathered from the those sources???

Pls correct me,if i have misunderstood something!!.

2 different sources and of different format excel and taking data from them can be done... but why have 2 sheets meaning why one sheet for storing the output and why dumping and transforming the data in the other sheet??

Pls do clear this and Talend Community will be able to help you!!



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Re: Talend Newbie - Excel report

Hi, Let me give more details


Spreadsheet 1 

Column Zeta;Tuma;Spin

Data: 4522;6788;9009

Row2 Data: 899;999;677


Spreadsheet 2 

Column Xeon;NVuma;Tpin

Data: 4560;4688;6009

Row2 Data: 456;321;124


Output - I need to take specific data fields above and place them in the specific output column and rows. Example below

Column  Xeon

Row       4560

Row       456





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Re: Talend Newbie - Excel report

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Re: Talend Newbie - Excel report

Hi @Talend65NCP,

For this requirement you can join the sources and filter the columns by populating only Xeon data column onto your target. 

Excel1(Source1) ----->

                       Tmap(Filter condition for pulling "Xeon" column) --------> target

Excel2(Source2) -----> 

Pls do get back to Community,if you are facing any issues.


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