Talend MDM - Update Report - Value of "Source" field

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Talend MDM - Update Report - Value of "Source" field



I would like to filter Update Report XML from the Talend MDM Web UI only. Could you tell me how to do that ?


I would like to filter by Source = "genericUI". Is genericUI a default value or the default value from the Web UI only ?



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Re: Talend MDM - Update Report - Value of "Source" field

You have to create a view on top of the Update report data model, to fulfil you need.


UpdatReport_View.JPGwhile defining the view, add required attributes (shown in the image) to your viewable business elements, and  add searchable attributes (columns you want to filter like source) the provide appropriate permissions to the web users for this view deploy the view to the mdm server, then you can travese through the view from Web UI by applying appropriate filter on the source column 

Update Report.JPG


Yes GenericUI is the default value for any user from WebUI

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