Talend Job Versioning Questions?

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Talend Job Versioning Questions?

Question 1 : 

I created a job named  "Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load"  and it has versions 1,2,3.. (it looks like below ) 

"Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 1.0" created on 01/26/2017.

"Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 2.0" created on 03/28/2017.

"Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 3.0" created on 01/08/2017.


Now due to some reason, I want to the revert the current version to first version of job . i.e.  "Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 1.0".

How to achieve this?

Question 2:  How to delete  particular versions of job . ?


Can anyone help on this? 

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Re: Talend Job Versioning Questions?

You can delete one version of job by
1. Open the Navigator viewer.
2. Expand the your_project_name folder, and then process folder.
3. Delete the three files: jobName\_0.2.item, jobName_0.2.properties and jobName_0.2.screenshot.
4. Back to Repository and fresh the job list, you will see only the version 0.1 exists now.
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Re: Talend Job Versioning Questions?

Shong ,

Thanks for the response. 

Deletion of the files will permanently remove off the later versions. If i want the latest versions also to be stored for future  reference . What to do in this case.??