Talend Job Versioning Questions?

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Talend Job Versioning Questions?

Question 1 : 

I created a job named  "Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load"  and it has versions 1,2,3.. (it looks like below ) 

"Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 1.0" created on 01/26/2017.

"Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 2.0" created on 03/28/2017.

"Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 3.0" created on 01/08/2017.


Now due to some reason, I want to the revert the current version to first version of job . i.e.  "Source_to_Staging_ODS_Load 1.0".

How to achieve this?

Question 2:  How to delete  particular versions of job . ?


Can anyone help on this? 

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Re: Talend Job Versioning Questions?

You can delete one version of job by
1. Open the Navigator viewer.
2. Expand the your_project_name folder, and then process folder.
3. Delete the three files: jobName\_0.2.item, jobName_0.2.properties and jobName_0.2.screenshot.
4. Back to Repository and fresh the job list, you will see only the version 0.1 exists now.
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Re: Talend Job Versioning Questions?

Shong ,

Thanks for the response. 

Deletion of the files will permanently remove off the later versions. If i want the latest versions also to be stored for future  reference . What to do in this case.??

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Re: Talend Job Versioning Questions?

I am using Talend Data Management Platform 6.4.1. To revert job to old version, right click the job, select Open another version, select the version you want to roll back, click Create new version and open, change version to new number, click Finish, then you new version is the copy of your old version and your current version is untouched and kept.



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