Talend Job Migration and Increment Load

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Talend Job Migration and Increment Load

As I am now to Talend, So want to confirm my understanding about the tool. As of now I am using Community version to understand how this tool worked. So I want comments on the below point
1. Community version does not contain Scheduler and it comes as the bundle pack with the enterprise version.
2. Migrating Talend Jobs from one to another environment and we select dependency, will it carry all the scheduling details with it or we need to setup one more time at the target environment.
3. As of now I worked Talend for full data load and able to apply transformations, lookups, Joins, Multiple Target tables.  But for Increment data extract and loading data in update and insert mode do we have any guide line or any pointer which will help me to proceed with.
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Re: Talend Job Migration and Increment Load

With Talend Open Studio, you can export the job script, and then schedule it with third scheduler tool, such as crontab command on Linux, window scheduler on Windows, there are so many topics about scheduler in forum, just search them with the key word 'scheduler', you will find the answers and solutions.
For incremental load, you have to compare tables(target table and source table) to capture the changed data in talend open source.

Here is a CDC feature in Talend Subscription Version
TalendHelpCenter:Change Data Capture (CDC): publish/subscribe
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