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Talend & JEE6/JPA

Hi all,
I have a Talend job that process .csv files, and I would like to integrate this with another component that defines limits on the fields in a .csv file -- i.e. check the data in .csv files for exceeding defined limits. These limits are going to be user- defined in a web app. The web app is implemented in JEE6 and limits data persisted using JPA.
Is it possible to integrate the Talend job with the limits definitions by importing the web app war file into the Talend project ? Can Talend interact directly with JPA? It seems to me that any 3rd party Java code in a Talend job has to be POJO (?) We could have Talend use the tables created by the web app to get the metadata, and POJO library for logic, but that would mean keeping track of schemas in two different places (Talend job and JEE web app)
Or, is it better to have Talend pass pieces of the data onto a web service that would do the limit checking?
Any experience stories in this area, recommended ways to go?