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Hi everyone, Currently my requirement is in talend cloud. I need a better understanding of talend integration cloud how it works. Whether the components which are in available in talend studio will be available in talend integration cloud or we need to develop the jobs in talend studio(in desktop) and publish it in cloud. For example my source is oracle database and target is redshift database, I will be developing the jobs in talend studio and I ll be publishing it in cloud or whether I can use the same kind of job design in talend cloud itself such that I wont be having a talend studio in my desktop.  Can anyone suggest me.


Re: Talend Integration Cloud

Have you already checked documents about:https://help.talend.com/display/HOME/Talend+Integration+Cloud and TalendHelpCenter:Interaction+between+the+Talend+Studio+and+the+Talend+Integration+Cloud+web+applicat...?
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