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Talend-Installer-Starter Zip

I am looking into building a new dev server with V5.3.1 of Talend.
This will be installed on Solaris 10.
The file
Does not contain an installer for Solaris.
Where could I find a Solaris installer?
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Re: Talend-Installer-Starter Zip

To by honest, I would not recommend using the installer.
I would setup all components one by one for your self because this helps you to understand where you will find which configuration. What will you do if something goes wrong? Reinstall?
Create you own user (e.g. talend) and use this user for all further installations and for running the Talend infrastructure:
create a path like this: /opt/talend/5.3.1/
Unpack tomcat, studio, jobserver under this directory.
create symbolic links:
apache-tomcat -> admincenter
Talend-Jibserver-xyz -> jobserver
Talend-Studio-xyz -> commandline
Now take a look into the installation guide and configure every part for it self. I would start with the admincenter.