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Talend Export Job

I am invoking a Talend job from a Java application.
My application structure is like -
----lib (poi jars, oracle jars, mssql jars etc - all maven artifacts)
----main-java (application java classes)
--- job1
--- (structure of the talend exported job)

--- job2... etc

Now I want to take care of 2 things -
1) Export the talend jobs in such a way that only the talend classes, and the job classes are available in the exported structure, since the rest of the third party jars are already available to me in the lib of my application. Also, the size of the exported jar is around 27 MB if I include all the jars in the talend exported job jar.
2) To be able to import the job into TOS, as it is, from the structure above( that is App->talend-job-jars->job1 ... )
I was thinking if exporting just the job jar classes would be possible and if we were possible make the advancedPersistentLookupLib-1.0.jar, talend_file_enhanced_*.jar and other possible talend jars as a maven artifact, then the build process could ensure that all the required classes (third party as well as talend) are there in the class path of the job class.

Please provide your inputs.
Thank you.
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Re: Talend Export Job

I forgot to mention I am using TOS 4.1.2
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Re: Talend Export Job

got similar problem : integrating Talend exported jars with Maven / Gradle.
Any hints?
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Re: Talend Export Job

You can find how to integrate/call talend job in other java application in topics:
Best regards
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Re: Talend Export Job

@shong, thanks for the references.
I do familiar with Java / Talend integration. and I'm doing it already.
my question is more about the development environment.
I guess that you are familiar with the concept of managing common 3rd part dependencies (jars)... and that modern tools like Maven and Gradle are almost essential for working with a 'real world
As I understand there is no way to export jobs into jars using API (plz correct me if I'm wrong) than the only way is to do it manually (right click > Export jobs >....) and put the jars in the source control (SVN/CVS/.....) . This is in a contradiction to the maven/gradle concept in which the jars are not part of the sources, and they are downloaded at build/deploy time from a repository.
I know I can export the job jars manually and put the in a repository, but then I have all the versions issues. and I wonder wether Talend has any kinf of integration with maven / gradle.
Even API (java / cli / ant/ ...) for exporting jobs script will be helpful.
-- Yonatan