Talend Enterprise Installation and data migration on new hardware

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Talend Enterprise Installation and data migration on new hardware

We are going to shift from talend open studio to talend Enterprise.
Following Task is on my way but i am confused about installation and data migration steps:
1) Installation of talend enterprise on new hardware. Would it be same like we did in TOS .  Only need to install talend studio exe. 
2) Data Migration from TOS to Talend enterprise. In new installation , we have to change the workspace  folder.
For eg :
 Old TOS  Workspace folder is in  C:/new/workspace
 New Talend enterprise folder would be D:/new/workspace
Point of Concern is :
By changing the workspace what steps needed to restore the data in new talend enterprise hardware.

3)Installation of TAC and setting up GIT .
Any guidance in layman's term would be much appreciated ? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Talend Enterprise Installation and data migration on new hardware

Wants to open talend big data sandbox on google machine. I have windows system. I have downloaded vmwareworkstation 12+
when i load sandbox on vmware my machine get stops. Can someone help how to load sandbox on vmware 

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