Talend ESB: restclient: setting authorization header

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Talend ESB: restclient: setting authorization header



I am using enterprise edition of talend fabric 6.3.1. 


I am trying to make a rest call to Netsuite's restlet. for authorization, I need to send authorization header something like below. 

'Authorization' : 'NLAuth nlauth_account=TSTDRV1030358,nlauth_email=user@domain.com,nlauth_signature=XXXXXXXX,nlauth_role=14'


In Talend ESB route, I am using cCXFRS component to make the RESTClient call. I see that cCXFRS supports HttpBasic authentication, but that is not what I want to use. 

1. How can I set the Authorization header in the cCXFRS component properties? 


2. If this is not possible, how else can I make a restclient call in such a way that I can pass the Authorization header to Netsuite's restlet. 






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cMessagingEndpoint: restlet : Specifying headers



I am trying to all a restlet's post method by passing input in Json format. For this, I am using cMessagingEndpoint. 


In cMessagingEndpoint, I chose 'restlet' camel component and specified the restlet uri, method to be 'POST'. 

I need to specify a header 'Authorization' for the restlet. So, I tried setting the header inside cProcessor component, But when I run the route, I am getting the below error response. [Attached my route and cProcessor code. ]


statusCode: 401 /n responseBody:error code: USER_ERROR
error message:No Authorization header]


Please suggest how I can set the headers.