Talend ESB Route

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Talend ESB Route

I have a route which listening on JMS Queue and then triggers the load talend job to load the JMS queue message into DB.


Last week we redployed a new version of same code , after the deployment . JMS queue team is seeing 2 listeners instead of 1 listener from  talend.


We did restart of the server containing talend runtime but still we 2 listeners instead of one. 

How to troubleshoot this scenario?


Note: Same code is running fine in another runtime. (Some junk/ghost services are keep on running) 


Job flow is like:


Route is publised to artifact repository, from TAC the new snapshot of code is scheduled through TAC.




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Re: Talend ESB Route

Are you sure you undeployed the previous route properly?

Go to your Karaf and type the following into the client (replacing "your route" with the name of your route without quotes).....


feature:list | grep "your route"


This will return a list of features that are installed on the Karaf.  I suspect that you might see more than 1. If that is the case you will need to either use the TAC to remove them properly (Stop, Undeploy and then Delete)....but I suspect you may have just deleted it. In which case you will need to remove the features manually using the Karaf client commands.


Google feature:uninstall and feature:repo-remove for examples of how you would use these. 




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