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Talend ESB OSGi Container

hi all
newnbie on ESB, I've done the rent-a-car example. (no real problem Smiley Happy )
There are a lot of 'news' concept and terminologies ; some are still confused ...and to be sure what's exactly the meaning of Talend ESB OSGi Container (= Talend ESB Container) ?
I'm deploying agent & SAM and "abstract sentence" : Talend ESB 4.2 supports the deployment of the Service Activity Monitoring (SAM) Server within Talend ESB OSGi
container , let's me ... hum ... disappointed ! Smiley Wink
and what about ESB service containers?
So what is a container ? (conceptually and physically)
Got this :
The OSGi implementation shipped with Talend ESB is Apache Karaf providing a lightweight container onto which
various components and applications can be deployed.

thanks for your advices.
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Re: Talend ESB OSGi Container

to myself Smiley Happy
the "best" definition I've found :
a service container is the physical manifestation of the abstract endpoint, and provides implementation of the service interface.

so karaf is only the engine to run it . (equinox is another one for ex.)
I'm right?

Re: Talend ESB OSGi Container

Hi laurent,
we use the term ESB Container or ESB OSGi Container for the prepared OSGi Runtime Server which we ship with the ESB SE & EE Edition underneath the /container subdirectory. It is essentially Karaf 2.2.1 which provides a management layer on top of Equinox 3.6 which is the core OSGi runtime underneath and there are a bunch of preinstalled or prepared bundles/features available in this container/server to make it easy to run especialy ESB Data Services and Integration Routes (Apache Camel Routes) as OSGi bundles within this container/server.
Running the SAM Server on the ESB OSGi Container means that you can deploy it into this OSGi Runtime Envionment and as alternative you can still/also deploy the SAM Server to Tomcat using the WAR Package so whatever of the two environments fits best to your purpose is supported by the Talend ESB.
For ESB SE users running the SAM Service within the ESB OSGi Container would avoid to install a seperate Tomcat but for ESB EE Users it is more convienent to deploy the SAM Service (.war file) just into the Talend Admistration Center (Tomcat Server). This might provide some very high level info on when you most likely would use the OSGi way to deploy the SAM Server or the Tomcat WAR file way.
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Re: Talend ESB OSGi Container

So what is a container ? (conceptually and physically)

in my opinion a container is an environment in which one or more applications are executed.
With Talend ESB, this container is based on an OSGi runtime - Equinox. This gives you a way to modularize your application(s), deploy/undeploy them and to start and stop them independently. You also can use the provided OSGi services, such as the ConfigAdmin service, to safe you some work when implementing your application.
Talend ESB does not use Equinox directly, it uses Apache Karaf as a "convenience layer" on top of the raw OSGi runtime. This provides you with a number of added facilities, namely
- improved provisioning mechanisms (e.g. from a Maven repository)
- a much nicer and extensible shell for interactive control (directly or via ssh)
- JMX-based management
and more. See the Karaf website ( ) for more information.
The Talend ESB container is the preferred deployment environment for Web Services implemented with Talend ESB. Of course other deployment environments (e.g. stand-alone, into a servlet container like Tomcat or into a classical JEE application server) are supported as well.
Does that answer your question?
Best regard
Jerry Preissler
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Re: Talend ESB OSGi Container

hi all
even if I know that i've a lot to learn about ESB talend your replies open my eyes a little more Smiley Happy
really love playing with those "new" things (for me !!!)
thanks a lot