Talend ESB- API management Gateway?

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Talend ESB- API management Gateway?

Has anyone implemented an API Gateway on-top of Talend ESB? Any recommendations on gateways?

Re: Talend ESB- API management Gateway?

Could you please give us more information about your requirement API gateway on-top of Talend ESB?
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Re: Talend ESB- API management Gateway?

It is the AWS API Gateway.

The question is basically how to deploy a route or a webservice on Lambda / Ec2 Runtime with API Gateway in front.


Interested by the process

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Re: Talend ESB- API management Gateway?

The question is what kind of API management gateway other clients use to enforce API policies, access and security. We are currently using Layer7 gateway, but were interested in what other people using enterprise ESB were using for their APIs and if Talend has their own recommended company/product.

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