Talend DynamoDB component limitations

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Talend DynamoDB component limitations

I waited long for this component to release and now I am stuck which I think is the limitation of this component.
What I want to do is to Query a DynamoDB table which has a date column in which date is in "epoch" format i.e 1469898515983 =2016-07-30 17:08:35+00.
So I used the SCAN option and then I used FILTER EXPRESSION. Now the problem is that this value is in number format in DynamoDB and when I gave same value i.e 1469898515983 in tDynamoDBInput -> Filter expression Table. When I search with a String Column, it returns appropriate row. But when I search it with a number It gives me an error that that value is not in integer range. As I have to give that value in a cell that is defined in EXPRESSION TABLE i.e "Value1" I can't do anything about that. Shouldn't it's backend variable be double or something? 
here is a picture to illustrate, 1st expression works fine with a string attribute
2nd expression is an integer and don't work when value is given in quotes as it is a number. And without quotes, it gives an error of out of range.

Please help me find a solution. I tries to query by giving 2 expressions in which I cut off last 4 digits from that number and used >= and <= in both expressions but It returned 0 rows every time.

Re: Talend DynamoDB component limitations

Could you please create a workaround jira issue on talend bug tracker?
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