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Talend Delete Table option does not empty table

I am trying to delete table using tmssqlrow component. First i need to delete/trucate multiple tables then I  do updata/insert for multiple tables.
I used tmssqltablelist>>>>tmssqlrow>>>tmssqlsp>>>>tmssqlsp. I used delete option in tmssqlrow. It wasn't working If I run the "TRUNCATE TABLE" manually in the SQL Server Management Studio, the job works fine.
option-1: I can create store proc to truncate the table, then i can call the store proc. 
Do we have any other options then this? I don't want to use so many SP in the mapping.
Why tmssqlrow delete query is not working? 
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Re: Talend Delete Table option does not empty table

Have you treid "drop table_name" query in  your tmssqlrow component to see if it works? Screenshots of your job setting will be preferred.
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